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Getting started on the road to wellness can sometimes be intimidating and it’s hard to take that first step. We invite you to embark on your wellness journey with us. Come in for a wellness assessment and learn about your BMI, Body Age, Muscle Content, and Body Fat. Receive your first energy shot, either MIC B12 or GAC injection.

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Little do people know, but the process of being able to get to a specific goal in wellness and better health does not always begin with sweating it out, taking supplements, eating right, and eliminating meal consumption or controlling them.

Though some individuals confidently think this is where to start, there is still a fundamental factor needed to remember for a better journey and end result when trying to reach a weight loss goal for wellness and better health.

Why A Weight Loss Assessment?

A weight-loss assessment is a crucial and fundamental part of understanding an individual’s response and physical and mental after-effects while achieving better health and wellness through weight loss.

The science behind the weight loss assessment allows a more effective and sustaining wellness effect and better health status that benefits the individual entirely.

What Happens in Doing a Weight Loss Assessment?

During a weight-loss assessment, an expert will understand and learn better about an individual’s current biometric stature.

This involves the individual’s BMI (Body Mass Index), Heart Rate (resting), Weight, Height, Muscle, and Fat count, just to mention a few.

Factors in Weight Loss Assessment

BMI (Body Mass Index)

Here is where experts check if the height and weight are balanced for the individual being assessed.

It is the simplest way to check if a person is overweight, underweight, or just suitable for their height, as individuals vary in weight and height.

Resting Heart Rate

This reflects an individual’s fitness level. A general idea of the endurance and conditioning state of the individual’s physicality is being measured here, thus bringing forth information on what level of fitness regimes or physical fitness is tolerable to do along their weight loss journey to better health and wellness.

Weight and Height

As simple as knowing what weight an individual is before the start of the journey is essential in the weight loss assessment process.

This way, the individual can keep track of the progress being made in sweating out or eliminating the unwanted excess fats in the body.

This is important to know to reach the goal needed and how it can be maintained or sustained throughout and after the whole process.

Plus, this is needed for BMI assessment as well.

Muscle Count and Fat Count

This is much-needed information to know what applies to the type of wellness and better health assessment the individual should focus on.

The type of protein consumption, workout styles, and supplements to take rely here on and sometimes depends on what the individual prefers that is still healthy and is the correct proportion based on the weight loss assessment made.

Weight Loss Assessment with Vitality MD

Understanding what works best for anybody’s current physical stature can bring more effective and appropriate results needed to achieve better health and well-being that can be sustained for long.

Weight loss assessment is one of the core factors that can help in doing just that, and affordable assessments with experts are available these days and are still as effective.

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