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I am a 57-year-old Registered Nurse who was placed into surgical menopause at the age of 39. I took hormone replacement therapy for 5 years after my surgery and was encouraged by my physician at the time to discontinue them. For the next 12 years, I continued to spiral out of control with my weight, irritability and moods. In 2018, I was diagnosed with Lichen sclerosus, which is a chronic condition that causes thin, white patches of skin in the genital area to form which creates painful urination, cracking of the skin in the genital area (sometimes just by sitting down), extreme itching and painful sexual intercourse. For the next two years, I was in and out of the GYN’s office and the Emergency Room as urination became extremely painful, foley catheters were needed, biopsies were done, and topical creams were prescribed. Due to the inability to have intimate relations with my husband, I gave him the opportunity to separate/divorce as I thought this was going to be my life from now on.

After sheer exhaustion from this condition, I decided to do some research, which took me to Hormone Pellet Therapy. I worked many years with Dr. Michelle Mendoza in the hospital setting and I knew what a wonderful, thorough physician she was, so I decided in 2020 to take back my life. I made my first appointment with her in January 2020 and she has literally saved me. I explained my issues of needing to lose weight, irritability, fatigue, no sexual intimacy and the Lichen diagnosis. My journey with Dr. Mendoza was about to change me as a person. I started the Hormonal Pellet Therapy after completing lab work in February of 2020. Dr. Mendoza began working on my hormonal weight issues along with thyroid. As of December 2020, I have lost 4 pant sizes and approximately 40 pounds, have extreme energy, and my symptoms of Lichen sclerosus, what I was told is a “chronic condition” have completely disappeared, and I have gone from pre-diabetes to normal. My husband of 17 years decided to stick with me through thick and thin and now we are happier than ever.

Dr. Mendoza has been a life-changer. She has given me back my self-esteem, my health, my intimacy with my husband and most importantly a quality of life that I can enjoy and embrace. Her staff at Vitality Med Spa are wonderful, professional and make you feel that you are the only client. I am so glad I decided to invest in myself and I am truly grateful that Dr. Michelle Mendoza is part of this journey.

-Stephanie Schulte

My first visit to Dr. Michelle was in July of 2016. At that time, I weighed 196 pounds and I now weigh 154! I found Dr. Michelle through a referral. I had totally lost my libido, and at 59 years of age, I was seriously overweight. I had difficulty losing weight no matter how much I exercised or watched what I ate. Dr. Michelle spent a lengthy amount of time with me on my first visit, getting to know me as a person both mentally and physically. Then she asked me to do a batter of blood tests to determine what action to take. After I received the blood test results, she prescribed a regime for me that aided in my metabolism and increased my libido. It was through those tests that I became aware that my body contained 0 testosterone! As the months went by, Dr. Michelle and I watched the weight come off and y BMI decline.

This was the first time in years I was able to lose fat and inches while not starving myself. I also added several years to my life! The transformation that Dr. Michelle helped me achieve has affected all areas of my life. At 60, I now feel 30 and I have to say, I look pretty good. I feel vibrant, healthy, energetic, and confident. The compliments I receive on a regular basis from my husband, friends, and family make me feel so pound, but I would not achieve this transformation without Dr. Michelle’s expertise and constant encouragement. I would also like to add that Dr. Michelle’s staff is also spot on! I found them to be encouraging, uplifting, informed, and diligent.


My name is Ruby, I am 58 years old and my life was falling apart. I was always in a fog and it was affecting my work. I was not getting any sleep so I blamed my fog on not sleeping. My joints were hurting, I blamed my job for that. My husband, children, and grandchildren were always getting on my nerves. I would cry for no real reason. Sex. What sex? There was no sex! My poor husband, Then over two years ago I came across an article on hormone pellets. I the more I read, the more I knew I needed some kind of help. The hot flashes were unbearable, life was unbearable.

Two weeks after my first pellets I began to feel the difference. First, my joints stopped hurting. Then my mood swings were gone. No more hot flashes. Best of all, I really wanted my husband to touch me. The most important thing to me what who was doing my pellets. After talking to Dr. Michelle Mendoza I knew she was the one. Dr. Mendoza doesn’t just insert pellets, she cares for you physically and emotionally. Her loving and kind manner is amazing. I know, I have lived in two other cities and have had three other doctors. There is no one like Dr. Mendoza. I will forever be grateful to her.


I have been seeing Dr. Michelle for HRT for over a year now. I can’t say enough about how happy I am with my Doctor visits! Dr. Michelle really takes the time to listen and address every one of my questions (and believe me, I question everything!) After the saliva test (to check hormone levels)results arrived, she scheduled a 30 min tele-med appointment via Zoom to discuss. I am now on fine-tuned hormone replacement therapy plan which includes a cream, and supplements. I have been feeling great! I think having well-balanced hormones is a life changer for those that are 50+! Marinda, gives me follow up phone calls and has delivered my supplements to my house while the office has been closed. I am very happy with all the services Vitality Med Spa offers and highly recommend Dr. Michelle Mendoza if you’re at all interested in HRT!