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Recommendations for daily fruits and vegetables is 5-9 servings per day. That’s a lot! So how can we get all that in to reap the most health benefits?! I’m going to share my green smoothie recipe. All the fruits and vegetables I add are pre-frozen to give a cold and thick smoothie. My favorite ingredients to add are: 1 frozen banana, frozen pineapple, frozen mango, frozen spinach, frozen kale. Avocados can be added and this helps make your smoothie creamy. Two supplements that can be added to decrease systemic inflammation are Turmeric and Ginger. Both of these supplements also decrease the risk of cancer. Adjust the fruit and veggie ratios according to your taste. For your liquid base, you can simply add water. I prefer to use green tea as this adds more antioxidants. This takes care of 6 fruits and veggies for your day. It will also carry you to lunch.

Vitality Medspa: El Paso, Texas