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Vitality Medspa: El Paso, Texas

Acne can have devastating effects both on the skin and emotional well being of the person suffering from it. At Vitality Medspa we take a different approach to treating acne. . We believe in a gentle, whole body approach to avoid the negative side effects of many treatments available today such as increased redness and inflammation, dehydrated and flaking skin, and sensitivity.  Our approach  includes skin care products, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, chemical peels, facials, and electrical modalities to target the cause of acne and treat the associated pain and inflammation LED- Studies have shown a dramatic decrease in inflamed lesions when treated with LED after just eight treatments.


LED therapy are painless and very effective at treating severe acne. LED Therapy works by reducing inflammation, killing bacteria deep in follicles, increase healing, and promote collagen growth. high frequency is an electrical device that kills bacteria and increases circulation to reduce healing time and prevent future break outs. Chemical Peels peels remove the out layer of skin, promoting the growth of new cells and removing debris from pores. We offer two types of peels Spa peels which are gentle chemical peels that generally require no down time but may require up to 8 treatments performed every two weeks. Medical Grade peels are much stronger and will generally promote dramatic shedding of the skin for several days. Full results will be noticeable in just 1 week.


More than one treatment may be required depending on the severity of acne although some individuals find that one treatment is sufficient in clearing skin. Enzymes- Dead skin cells are connected like a net which covers pores and prevents oil from moving out of the follicle. Enzymes work by digesting those bonds and preventing blockages which cause break outs. Enzymes also digest debris in the pores loosening impactions and making them easier to remove. Nutraceuticals- Vitality Medspa offers a wide range of medical grade vitamins that address a variety of issues. Your aesthetician or doctor may recommend the use of certain nutraceuticals to assist in providing vitamins and mineral necessary for healthy skin. Dr. Michelle Mendoza is available to assist in the treatment of your acne. She may recommend aesthetic treatments, skin care products, nutraceuticals,  or pharmaceuticals to address acne, scaring, and inflammation caused by acne. Skin Care Product- Our product line, Vitality Skin Essentials, includes many items designed for oily and acne skin. Our products are all botanical based, gluten free, never tested on animals, contain no artificial fragrances or colors, and do not contain animal derived products. Essential oils and plant extracts give our products a lovely fragrance without harmful chemicals.


Dermaclenze Liquid Cleanser- Contains Lactic Acid to prevent build up of dead skin and aloe vera to prevent the over drying often associated with acne cleansers. Herbal Blend Astringent- Alcohol free. Contains antiseptic, astringent, and anti-inflammatory ingredients to balance, tone, and clarify skin. AHA Mint Masque- Contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids to encourage cell turnover and Bentonite Clay to absorb excess oils without over drying skin. Blemish Control- A concentrated spot treatment that reduces blemishes without irritating and over drying skin. Camphor Masque- Removes excess oil and control blemishes Aloe and Azulene Masque soothes and reduces irritation and redness associated with breakouts.