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Vitality Medspa: El Paso, Texas

Dear Health and wellness seekers,   This week I would like to discuss thyroid health and the effects of aging on the thyroid gland. The aging process affects the thyroid gland just like the other endocrine organs in the body. As we age though, the symptom of thyroid dysfunction can be very subtle and sometimes difficult to diagnose. It is very important to listen to your patient and take clinical symptoms into account. Lab changes can sometimes appear normal with symptoms of thyroid dysfunction present.


Very often, symptoms of thyroid dysfunction can overlap with other illnesses. A good history with a medical practitioner is key to a good assessment.   The thyroid helps us maintain our metabolism, control our heart rate and body temperature. It also regulates cholesterol levels and plays a part in the progression of heart disease. When the thyroid becomes inactive due to lack of T3 and T4, common symptoms are insomnia, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, joint and muscle pain, and dry skin. In hyperthyroidism ,which is too much T3 and T4, patients become irritable and anxious, can experience hair loss, weight loss, tremor and sweating.   Thyroid hormones are required for mitochondrial metabolism in every cell in the body.


The mitochondria is considered the powerhouse of the cell, as it is where our main source of energy comes from. If there is not enough thyroid hormones, then the whole body becomes compromised, other hormones in the body are affected, brain function suffers, psychological function is impacted, and so is cardiovascular health.   Many nutrients are required to produce thyroid hormones and to help convert T4 to T3. These nutrients include L-Tyrosine, iodine,selenium, zinc and vitamin A. Environmental toxins and heavy metal contaminants can interfere with the production and conversion of T4 to T3. Stress and increased cortisol levels impact the production of thyroid hormones. Deficiency of the mineral selenium has been linked to low production of thyroid hormones. When selenium is given as a supplement thyroid health improves. It also helps decrease Thyroperoxidase antibodies present in autoimmune thyroid disease. Thyrotain also contains Ashwagandha which was discussed in last weeks blog and Guggulipid. Both of these herbal supplements have many benefits for overall health and positive impact on thyroid health.


At Vitality Medspa our goal is to help you maintain your overall health and wellness. One of our best supplements is called Thyrotain. It is filled with the minerals, vitamins and extracts to help you maintain a great energy level and improve thyroid health. Please come see us for a wellness assessment and see if this supplement is right for you.   Join me next week to hear about my personal experience with the VI peel! Before and after pics will be included.


Wishing you wealth in health,

Dr. Michelle Diplomate American Board of Internal Medicine