"My first visit to Dr. Michelle was in July of 2016.At that time, I weighed 196 pounds and I now weight 154!
I found Dr. Michelle through a referral. I had totally lost my libido, and at 59 years of age, I was seriously overweight. I had difficulty losing weight no matter how much I exercised or watched what I ate.
Dr. Michelle spent a lengthy amount of time with me on my first visit, getting to know me as a person both mentally and physically. Then she asked me to do a batter of blood tests to determine what action to take. After I received the blood test results, she prescribed a regime for me that aided in my metabolism and increased my libido. It was through those tests that I became aware that my body contained 0 testosterone!
As the months went by, Dr. Michelle and I watched the weight come off and y BMI decline. This was the first time in years I was able to lose fat and inches while not starving myself. I also added several years to my life!
The transformation that Dr. Michelle helped me achieve has affected all areas of my life. At 60, I now feel 30 and I have to say, I look pretty good. I feel vibrant, healthy, energetic, and confident. The complements I receive on a regular basis from my husband, friends, and family make me feel so pound, but I would not achieved this transformation without Dr. Michelle’s expertise and constant encouragement.
I would also like to add that Dr. Michelle’s staff is also spot on! I found them to be encouraging, uplifting, informed, and diligent."

Cheryl G.